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Papa Doc





Placed in rap battles

Second place

Portrayed by

Anthony Mackie

Clarence "Papa Doc" is a rap battler in the film 8 Mile. He battles B-Rabbit in the last round.


Papa Doc comes from a rich family. According to the rap B-Rabbit sings in the battle against him, his parents are "happily married", and as a child he went to Cranbrook, a private school in the Detroit Suburb of Bloomfield Hills. It seems that he did not do anything with his life, and became a thug. He still lives with his parents, so they probably still loves him, despite his shortcomings in life. He became a very feared and famous battle rapper, and made it all the way to the finals, which shows his skills at it. After B-Rabbit's turn, however, he chokes, drops the mike, and walks away.


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